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The Story of Fuud

The concept behind 'FUUD' is simple - to
prepare, deliver and serve the
finest food available.


Pies, Food Production & Development Kitchens
Alongside our Award winning Pies & Gourmet meals, we produce a vast range of products suitable for the foodservice industry Our fully EC Accredited Kitchens are able to produce the highest quality of bespoke food for our customers, following rigorous hygiene and safety standards, coupled with best practices associated with the accreditation of SALSA. We work closely with our clients to ensure recipes are correct, scalable and importantly consistent. Our team demonstrate innovation and creativity, but are also able to provide bespoke products for our clients own specifications or particular concepts. These can be offered to their customers under their own company name.

We are able to offer a centralised food production facility for your pub, restaurant, deli, hotel, franchised chain or any food based establishment, ensuring consistency across your operation, reducing the area required for the kitchen ensuring your able to maximise the space required for the customer facing side of your operation and with the vast overheads associated with operating your own centralised facility, this investment can be used on the core strength of the your business helping you to grow quicker with consistency across your menus & sites

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We can make
your pies!

Using your recipe we can produce large quantities on spec on time and retaining your authentic and artisan skills!


Fuud Story

The Fuud Ltd story began in 2005, In 2009 we had the opportunity to take on the purpose built production kitchens we are in now, and with that came the Pie side of the business.

The kitchen was originally set up by the late Steve Jones creator of the Pipe of Port restaurant, which is renowned for its famous pies. Steve gave me the opportunity to take the pie business on and to see where we could take it; and so started us creating pies and gourmet dishes for retail, restaurants, bars, cafes and events.

Following the success of this we have now won many British Pie Awards & Great Taste awards.

In late 2018 we acquired the next door unit, after 3 months of works we completed our kitchen construction plans and expanded our production kitchen into that area, creating a temperature controlled production finishing & development area for us to expand our ever increasing demands for products to be created & produced, In 2019 we applied for and granted our Salsa accreditation

Today we produce a range of our own products & work with a number of clients of all sizes and have the ability and the infrastructure to develop and deliver exceptional products to our customers. We combine valued expertise in the food industry and work with local & national suppliers to produce high quality products

Please get in touch to see how we can help you with suppling our own products, creating products for you or reproducing your own products under your label

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